Testimonials from UMC patients

Mr.Vijayakumar  | Adhiraniwas, Vallandi, Nemmara, Pallakad. | Tel: 04923241708 | Cell: 9961100327

Image: Mr.Vijayakumar" I am working in Muscat.  Last December, I had heart problem but I thought it was gas trouble.  So I discussed with my company doctor, but he told I had a heart attack and admitted me in the ICU.  I was admitted for three days in the ICU, then shifted to general ward.  After getting discharged I came back to Kerala.  I met my friend Mr. Sivasubramaniam who advised me to visit Universal Medicare Centre in Coimbatore. 

Right away I came to UMC.  I spent a very small amount to receive treatment here.  Now I am able to walk long distance which I could not before the treatment."



Mr.R.Manoharan  | INS Agrani, Redfields, Puliakulam, Coimbatore | Cell: 9486191148

Image: Manoharan"I had a sudden pain in my heart on 26-3-2006 for which I was admitted at the Government Hospital in Chennai.  After angiogram test it was found that three of my heart blood vessels had been 90% blocked at four spots. Then I was advised to undergo bypass at once.  I underwent by-pass heart operation on 15-5-2006 at one of the private hospitals in Chennai. After the treatments were over, I felt better and returned home. I was assured that there would be no problems for the next 10 years. 

I came to Coimbatore after my job relocated. I was struck with severe chest pain once again in May 2007 and was taking treatments at private hospitals in Coimbatore. My chest pain did not decrease.  At a point I was ready to die than to live. Living every single day was a big challenge. 

Around that time I came to know about UMC through my friend Mr. Mohan Raj.  I consulted the Doctor and took 3D-CCG scan in UMC. From my report it was found three of my heart blood vessels were blocked. 

As per the Doctor’s advice, I underwent 40 Chelation therapy sessions.  Now I am free from chest pain and other related disorders. I am happy to say that I can walk briskly and now my life is once again active and bright. I convey my sincere thanks to all the staff and management of UMC."



Mr.Mohanraj  | Administration Dept, Indian Navy | Cell: 98427 30776

Image: Mr.MohanrajIn 2006, I had a heart problem and it was found that I had five blocks in three blood vessels. They fixed a Stent for one blood vessel.  I had to be hospitalized in the ICU every month for treatment.  This was for seven consecutive months. Every time I felt that this was the end of my life.  By this time I had spent more than Five Lakh Rupees (Rs.5,00,000/- ) for this problem but without any fruitful solution. I was finding it difficult to walk even 50 metres. Doctors advised me to consume not more than two glasses of water each day.  I had diabetes as well.  

I came to know about UMC and that they were practicing near my residence.  Due to lack of confidence I refused to visit UMC. One fine day I decided to try UMC and consulted with the doctor. As per his advice I took the reputed 3DCCG Scan. It detected some blocks in my heart.  After I underwent treatment in UMC I feel completely cured and can even walk for 2-3 kms daily, and drink three liters of water.  I don’t have chest pain or wheezing trouble anymore.  Also I didn’t go to any other hospital or ICU. I need not spend Rs.4000/- for medicine. I spent only Rs.500/-.  Also I don’t use Insulin injection for diabetes since my blood sugar levels have reduced.   They also advised me to consume minimum amount of medicine and tablets.



Mrs.Santhamani  | w/o Mr.R.Ranganathan | Sukrawarpettai, Coimbatore | Tel : 2394208  | Cell: 98422 88498

Image: Mrs.Santhamani I was admitted in ICU at one of the well-known hospitals in Coimbatore for my chest pain in the last week of November 2007. I was given treatment for about 3 days in ICU. Though I was shifted to General Ward my chest pain persisted and so an Angio test was done. Since I was struck with the fear of bypass surgery. I got discharged immediately and returned home.

 My son told that one of his friend’s mother got treated at UMC and that she was cured completely. I approached UMC and as per the doctor’s suggestions I underwent chelation therapy. During Chelation therapy, I felt good improvements in my health even after 3 infusions.  After 40 sessions, on scanning the blood vessels that run to heart it was found that there was good blood circulation and no shortness in my breath. I felt completely cured.

In UMC, excellent care is being provided to patients by well-experienced doctors and the Management staff. Thanks to the Management at UMC for providing such a service.



Mr.Sreenivasan  | Netajipuram, Neelikonampalayam PO, Coimbatore-33 | Tel : 0422-2272692 | Cell : 9843719937  

Image: Mr.SreenivasanFirst of all I thank you and as well the almighty for saving my life it has been an intensive effort taken by you and your staff to get rid of the pain, pressure and the sickness .I would like to share my experience with one and all for the benefits of the sufferers of heart-aliment people.

Sir, as you are aware that I had attack on 9th September 2008 within that golden hour I got admitted in a hospital and got discharged with a lot of advice to take care of my health. Subsequently after a month I underwent an angiogram in a recognized hospital and the result was that I had blocks in three vessels .i.e. 80% block in LAD multiple blocks in LCA and 70% in RCA. The Doctor’s opinion was that I have to undergo either bypass surgery or to take PTCA (STENT) to LAD and RCA. Also I noticed the suggestion of the doctor to put 2 stents i.e. the remedy available was only for 2 vessels and there was no mention about the removal of blocks in the third vessel.

At this point, my brother as Mr. Narasimman at Tirupur saw the advertisement given by your hospital and upon further investigations I came to Mr. Alexander who had successful  treatment in your hospital. I met him and then came to you and rest is history.

Like every one,I initially feared of going through a medical process which is not popularly known. But at the same time I do not want to go for surgery or stent since surgery will reduce my potentiality to half and going for stent is not at all possible for me in terms of financial aspects. At that time I had got moral support from you through your counseling and my family.

I would really like to stress that no one should feel the kind of fears as I mentioned earlier because it is evident in all the cases like me-the fear is unnecessary and unwanted –since your counseling and  advises is really intended for speedy recovery in a most practical way.

During the course of treatment I met patients who had Stent and underwent Bypass Surgery earlier and ended up with block again.  They received Chelation and got cured as well.

Today after completing 39 infusions, I should first thank you for making me overcome all my sickness. As advised by you, I am going speed-walk for about 45 minutes and feel good to carry on the rest of the day smoothly. I feel that is the cheap and best remedy available for people suffering from heart aliments and as well suffering from blocks in blood vessels in any parts of the body to sum up, I can say it is really a boon for people like me-suffering from blocks in blood vessels wherever in the body.